Things to look forward to in Spring!

Hello again! Today’s post is all about Spring. I wanted to do some sort of post talking about spring, as it is approaching us, but wasn’t sure in what way. I finally decided to talk about what excites me about it. Similar to my favourite things about it but not a literal “Spring Favourites” so I hope you enjoy this post…

1. Sun

Hopefully this spring we’ll start to see a little bit more of the sun. I love when it isn’t boiling outside but also you don’t always need a coat – spring is a perfect in-between. When it starts to be sunnier outside I feel like everyone is a little bit more happy! Also it means it won’t get dark so quickly.  And for the photographer in me, the lighting is so much better for brighter photos.

2. Flowers

Spring is also the start of the beautiful flowers blooming, which again are great for photos. I love flowers and if you are lucky enough to have some grow in your garden you can dot them around your house and they really make everything a bit brighter. There are also lots of florists and great selections of flowers at supermarkets.

3. Lighter make-up

Although I do love bold lips, or smokey eyes, I love when during the spring time the make-up looks tend to be a little bit more natural and softer. I think sometimes minimal make-up can be so much nicer, and it is so much quicker to do. Mascara, concealer, blush, powder and nude lips are musts!

4. Fresh candles

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the wintery/christmassy scents that have been burning for a few months now, but fresh, floral candles are also amazing. You can burn them pretty much anyway around the house. Some of my favourites are Bath and Body works – Island Margarita and Yankee Candles – Peony.

5.  Cool drinks

A bit of a random one here, cooler drinks. Something about lemonades, frappucino’s,  juices, smoothies and even iced water is just so refreshing. And in spring there are so many great tasting drinks around the shops and inspiring recipes to make at home too.

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