Recently I ventured into the new KIKO COSMETICS shop in town. I had heard a few people raving about their products so I wanted to take a look myself. I was very impressed with the prices of things, very affordable at around £5-£15, the staff are happy to help you if you’d like that and also they have so many different stalls full of wondrous make up.

I did in fact pick a few things up so I will share my thoughts with you.

SMART lipstick:

In the store they had multiple ranges of lipstick. Some were more creamy, matte and they varied in price too. I decided to try one of the mid range lipsticks which were the “smart” lipsticks. They were around £3 which is an incredible price.  I have been wanting some more pinky nude shades so I was automatically drawn to those over the reds and pinks. Quick side note, they have a huge range of shades to choose from. Anyway I picked up a lipstick in the shade 906 which is a very pinky nude.  The packaging also reminded me of NARS and MAC which is another good thing .
I tried the lipstick at home and at first just applied straight onto my lips. I loved the colour however it was very drying and made my lips look and feel flaky. I later tried again but beforehand I applied a lip balm I had lying around. This definitely helped create more of a creamy finish, I wouldn’t say it was matte but not super glossy as well. I found using the lipstick this way gave it a lot more pigmentation, staying power and a better finishing look.


Anyone that I had heard talking about KIKO had often talked about their eyeshadows, so I definitely wanted to try one out. I saw a selection of these metallic cream eyeshadows so went over to have a look. The packaging is amazing with a metal lid and pretty detailing on the glass pot, and I believe there are 5 different colours to choose from. I decided I liked the shade 01 the best which is a shimmery, very light pink. Again it was around £3 so very inexpensive and it looks absolutely amazing  on the eye. I did think it could double up as a highlighter however because of it’s amazing pigmentation it was a little too pink, but overall I love this product.


This product I was very intrigued by. It is part of their CAMPUS IDOL range so it was a little more expensive at £7.50, but it’s totally worth it. One on end of the stick there is a creamy pencil eyeliner. I am terrible at eyeliner but this has been so easy to apply. The other end has an eyeshadow crayon which I am absolutely obsessed with! They are a massive dupe for the ByTERRY ombre black star eyeshadow crayons and definitely not as expensive. I got mine in the shade COPPER AND CHOCOLATE which has a gold shimmery eyeshadow crayon and a brown eyeliner. I am in love with this product and would recommend it to anyone.

Thank you very much for reading this post I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know you’re thoughts on KIKO COSMETICS too!


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