February Favourites

February was a month of many things. Some being skincare, beauty, lifestyle and candles. I have a right mix of things I’ve been loving throughout February. Enjoy!

Starting with Beauty:

POWDER and EYELINERI’ve been absolutely loving the RIMMEL Stay Matte Pressed Powder for a great finished look. I have the shade 001 which is “transparent” on the skin.  There are slightly peachier and tinted shades but I prefer to have a clear one so it is a little more natural. I have generally been using this powder to set the concealer I put under my eyes, and I noticed such a difference. Before I used this powder my concealer just seemed to fade away by 6pm, I had tried many brands so I knew it wasn’t the product that was the problem. I then saw a few people set their concealer with either loose or pressed powder, so I wanted to try that. I wanted to get one from RIMMEL as I knew the brand, and it wasn’t that expensive, so I was confident in buying a new product. I was looking a Matte Finish so this really shone out from all the rest. I just find it extends the duration of my pigmented concealer so well, and makes the skin so much softer too, so I would recommend this powder to anybody.

EYELINERIf you read my last post you would know I bought some of KIKO MILANO ‘s products, and I was massively impressed. I am terrible at eyeliner so I wanted something that was easy to apply and not too bold on the eye.  The CAMPUS IDOL DOUBLE DARE – eyeshadow and eyeliner was my answer. There is an eyeshadow crayon on one end which I also adore, but the end I used the most was the eyeliner. I have the shade COPPER AND CHOCOLATE, so there is a brown eyeliner. If you aren’t amazing at eyeliner, try using a dark brown instead of a black, it’s a lot easier to work with and less scary too. The formulation is very creamy so it’s very easy to apply and it looks awesome as well.

And Skincare:

CLEANSERI also took a little more care with my skin this month. THE BODY SHOP have some amazing products that can really sort your skincare routine out. I have been loving the CAMOMILE SUMPTUOUS CLEANSING BUTTER, which is in a thin metal tin or pot. It’s very moisturising so if you have super oily skin I would maybe give it a miss, although it does say it’s for all skin types. Basically I use this after my gel cleanser and after I have removed all my makeup, I rub it all over my face and then rinse off with a slightly damp flannel. It makes your skin feel so soft and I also noticed that when I was using this 3-4 times a week, I barely got any spots. Big thumbs up!


My all-time favourite moisturiser has yet again proven itself to me. I have been using the SIMPLE kind to skin facial moistuiser for years now, and I absolutely love it. It is very inexpensive so easy to get a hold of, and it does my skin absolute wonders. Whenever I have a particularly dry skin day I will apply just a pea sized amount and gently rub it in all over my face. It absorbs into the skin very quickly so you don’t get that sticky feeling some moisturisers give you. The next day my skin feels so soft it’s amazing.

Everyday Life:

Fairy lights are generally associated with Christmas and New Year, but I wanted to be able to keep them up all year round. I love the way they make your room a little more cosy and pleasing. You can also get so many different types from so many shops, so go on buy yourself a nice string of fairy lights.


I am a bit obsessed with candles. They smell amazing and also come in so many cute designs and patterns, so they really add something to a room.  My favourite this month has been the YANKEE CANDLE vanilla cupcake candle. This smells like vanilla, but because of the “cupcake” it is just that little bit more sweet and indulgent. Yankee Candles aren’t too expensive as well, and they last for a long time. I love how you walk into a room where a candles been burning and it smell so good!

Thank you very much for reading this post, I hope you enjoyed.



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